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Fact #1: Many players aren't properly coached on the correct technical methods to execute different movements with the ball and
Fact #2: Players simply don't get enough repetitions to practice technical movements at their club practices.

For player development, the most important is to build the proper habits. Time is the most valuable commidity and every serious player needs to invest time repeating the technical basics correctly so they can be more effective for their game at the weekend. Playing more games, does not mean creating good habits (or correcting the bad ones). Acquiring skill takes dedicated quality repetitions, and needs proper coaching. The more the players become automatic at the simple things the more impact they can have.

In these training sessions, players will get detailed demonstrations and feedback on their executions to make sure they are performing all of the technical movements properly.


Quality practice makes permanent. Technical ability is a central pillar to a player's success, and cannot be overlooked. Players constantly worried about their technique in the game, aren't able to develop their vision, and can only have limited influence. Players simply won't be able to play at a high level without a high level of technical ability.

Youth Programs

Session Details

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Improve ball control, and attacking / defending fundamentals

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Players will learn new skills week by week. Players will be coached on the game insights of each skill (when they apply, how to use them...etc). Players will learn to execute repetitions in small-sided game realistic scenarios. 

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Berkeley, CA & Richmond, CA

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Competitive Players born in 2017-2009

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Coaching Style?

Coach Enzo will do in depth demonstrations and provide feedback on player execution.  

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Monday through Friday

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60 Minute Weekly Semi Private (Small Group) 

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Players will get many repetitions to improve their first touches, ball control, passing techniques, 1 v 1 dribbling skills, tackling and finishing. 

Times don't work for you?

I can create new classes at different times! Reach out to find an alternative time (510) 804-9045 or


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