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Playmaker Lab is an Accelerator based out of the East San Francisco Bay Area, California. It is a comprehensive initiative that combines under one roof year around 1) Elite Futsal Teams and training 2) Position Specific soccer clinics and camps, 3) Speed and Power programs, and 4) Small-sided Playmaker Competitions.

This organization combines and improves what used to be Bay Area Futsal Club Youth Programs and Coach Enzo's Pro Elite Soccer Training and Camps. We are not associated with any one soccer club. We offer our elite training programs around the club soccer schedule to help develop dedicated players seeking complementary training. Finally, all of our programs have a player limit to keep a good player-to-coach ratio.


We define playmakers as complete players who are leaders able to be decisive in all phases of the game 1) offense 2) defense 3) transition from offense to defense, and 4) transition from defense to offense. We coach players to improve their technical ability, tactical understanding, physical explosiveness, and champion mentality. We develop players to have competency in all parts of the game and look at every single play as an opportunity to lead and actively contribute to their team's objective both on and off the ball. 


We coach, support, and mentor competitive players with high aspirations to scale their impact on the field and go from Good to Great. We empower dedicated players with elite game insights through game realistic scenarios to channel their efforts in the most effective way to take them to the next level.  


Coach Enzo playing futsal

- Former Pro Soccer Player (1 year) 

- Former Pro Futsal Player (2 years)

- UEFA B Licensed Coach for Soccer (Awarded by the German Football Federation)

- FIFA Futsal Licensed Coach

- USSF C Soccer License

- Programs Director at Bay Area Futsal Club 2021-2023

- Invited to the International Futsal Mentorship Program (Italy) Summer 2022. Theory and Practice Sessions were taught by some of the best coaches in the world: Fede Vidal (Current Spanish National head Coach), Andres Sanz (current Atletico Madrid Women's Coach), Eric "Miki" Garcia Belda (Former League Champion and National team Coach), Jose Venancia Lopez (former Spanish National Team Coach, Pato (current Inter Movistar Coach).

​- Associates Degree in Kinesiology

- Alumnus from Oberlin College, Stanford University & UC Berkeley​


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